Veridical Therapies

Chris has become THE ONLY professional I allow to treat my 2 athlete sons, and on numerous occasions since we’ve moved from Charlotte to Charleston, SC., we’ve made the 3.5 hour trip back to Charlotte because of Chris’ expertise and breadth of knowledge in soft tissue and structural problems.

It’s hard to put into words exactly what Chris does because working with him, and knowing him as a person, is more of an experience than simply a service.

Chris, Sveta, and their 3 incredible boys have become like family to us. We respect and love them so much and it’s not just because they’re good at what they do, it’s because they are simply, remarkable PEOPLE. This is consistently demonstrated in the warmth, kindness, generosity and sincere interest they have in their clients who, often-times, become friends.

Chris has impacted the lives and bodies of all four of my family. I could share countless stories of how he’s improved our structural problems but I’ll share just one; our most recent and challenging issue yet.

Recently, our high school son suffered recurring symptoms of acute and severe pain in his knee, tightness, limited mobility, and joint weakness during several lacrosse recruiting camps which, each time, made it impossible for him to continue playing. Ultimately, this required us to leave each camp early and resulted in a loss of several thousands of dollars in travel costs and visibility from the recruiting coaches. It was embarrassing for our son, Zack, his leaving early looked bad to the scouting coaches and, most importantly, was impossibly frustrating because no one could identify the source of the problem. We took him for 2 months of physical therapy, saw a sports medicine specialist, a chiropractor, a clinical masseuse, a trainer at High Point college, an orthopedic specialist/surgeon for an MRI, and NO ONE could give us an answer on what was wrong with our son. They offered pieces to the puzzle, but no one could put it all together. Finally, we had enough with their ineptness, and I called Chris.

Chris provided an unorthodox solution for us due to the immediacy of the situation and how drastically it impacted Zack’s performance and opportunities. So, he drove to our home in Charleston, SC after a full day of work because the long car rides caused further pain to Zack’s joints. He did a series of rigorous assessments on Zack over the course of several hours and, like ‘magic’, was able to point out and demonstrate *exactly why he was experiencing the problems he was having! It was remarkable. Chris then worked with our son to take him through a series of specific, precise exercises and movements to strengthen, balance, and realign his body for optimum performance and long-term healing.

Zack felt immediate relief from the pain he’d been having for 2 years! And, after activating the customized series of exercises and protocol Chris created, Zack was able to compete without injury or pain in the remaining 5 lacrosse recruitment opportunities he had this summer. He currently has just under one dozen colleges reaching out for recruitment opportunities as a result of seeing him play this summer! Chris, literally, saved our son’s lacrosse recruitment possibilities with his talent, skill and expertise; his commitment to clients (and friends) is unparalleled

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