Veridical Therapies

I have been seeing Chris Cole for more than five years. He is, by far, the best massage therapist I have encountered because he has extensive, multidisciplinary training, skilled hands, and a genuine interest in helping people heal and become healthy.

Chris combines traditional massage therapy with stretching and exercise programs to focus on true healing and performance improvement rather than simple pain relief. At other massage spas, the massage felt good and I felt better for a day. Chris is able to diagnose the source of injuries because of his cross training in massage, OrthoKinetics, Qi Gong, and his own constant study of body mechanics. In doing so, he is able to address the root sources of problem areas, rather than just rub down what hurts, like so many massage therapist (and even chiropractors).

Even with more than 10 years of experience, Chris is constantly learning new techniques to provide him with a better understanding of body mechanics. Chris constantly seeks new tools to better serve his clientele. For example, Chris studied Qi Gong. When I am not on bedrest from my chronic illnesses, it is a way that I can exercise without impactor strain. Qi Gong helps my body rid itself of built-up toxins, which allows the rest of my medical protocol to work better. When I am confined to bedrest, Chris introduced me to a machine that helps with circulation and lymphatic drain, which multiple doctors have said helps their treatment protocols.

Chris also has a physical training certificate that compliments his excellent massage work. This training enables him to evaluate the physical patterns that allow his clients to get injured and then recommend individualized strengthening routines to prevent future repeated injury. In addition to training clients how to exercise to strengthen problematic muscle groups, Chris is also trained to help clients avoid exercises that could injure them. For example, Chris told me I needed to do exercises to strengthen certain muscles before I could attempt pull ups (or hanging) because my joints were loose enough that I was at risk for dislocating my shoulders. In contrast, with patients who are physically in shape, I have witnessed Chris create videos to push them to their limits and make them set higher and higher goals.

Over the years, my specialized doctors and my chiropractor have developed a deep respect for Chris and his work. Now, my chiropractor will often start sessions with, “What did Chris say I should focus on?’ in addition to his own diagnosis. He almost always agrees with Chris’ assessment. Similarly, my chronic illness medical doctor will listen to information Chris gives her through me. Even though the three of them have never met, they represent a great team that has helped me tremendously.

Chris is also invested in the health and healing of each of his clients. He has completed dozens of hours about my chronic conditions so that he could better treat me. In addition, Chris is simply one of the nicest, most giving souls you will ever meet. He is committed to health and healing and cares deeply for his clients as clients, as people, and as friends.

My life is enriched because of Chris and his wife, Sveta.

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