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Ortho-Kinetics is a system designed to align your posture, balance your body, increase range of motion, eliminate pain, and more. It is based on corrective exercise training and soft tissue therapy to help you move better and even develop better performance for exercise and sports. Ortho-Kinetics trainers and therapists are trained to assess, train, treat and rehab people of all ages, including athletes. Whether you have an injury or you want a way to improve your fitness and health, Ortho-Kinetics professionals help you with corrective fitness. They can provide a variety of therapeutic services that complement other treatments to help you achieve more.

Who Are Ortho-Kinetics For?

Everyone can benefit from Ortho-Kinetics, from athletes and fitness enthusiasts to people who are simply looking for a way to reduce the aches and pains in their lives. The aim is to correct anything that might be causing problems for you in your movement, whether it’s from running, lifting weights, carrying your groceries or sitting at a desk. If you want to improve your fitness, it can help you to improve your strength, speed, stability, range of motion and other types of fitness and performance measure too. Trainers and therapists help you to reach your desired level of fitness and can help deal with pain too.

Benefits of Ortho-Kinetics Training

Ortho-Kinetics offers a variety of benefits for anyone who wants to be fitter, perform better or simply be more comfortable in your everyday life. Ortho-Kinetics is designed to improve your quality of life in whatever way would be most beneficial to you. It combines corrective exercise training and soft tissue therapy to address your body’s needs in two different ways. Professionals who are trained in Ortho-Kinetics have completed a unique program that teaches them all of the skills that they need to assess, train and treat their clients. They can also work with other health professionals to balance out their treatment. Carrying out assessments is an important part of Ortho-Kinetics, helping to identify just what any client needs.

Use Corrective Fitness in Your Life

There are many ways you might choose to use the corrective fitness approach of Ortho-Kinetics in your life. It can help to correct your posture, imbalances in your muscles and limitations in your movement. You don’t necessarily have to be an athlete or a very active person to see how Ortho-Kinetics can help you. The combination of exercise and deep tissue therapy is designed to meet a range of needs, correcting imbalances that come from everything from working out and playing sports to carrying out your daily chores.

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