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At Veridical Therapies, we can book you in for a deep tissue massage that’s carried out by certified massage professionals. They’ll listen to your specific issues, then work on the afflicted areas to relieve pain and tension. By the time you leave, you’ll feel like a new person!

What is a deep tissue massage?

Some of you may have had massages before, and they’re likely to be soft tissue ones. These include techniques that are all about relaxing the muscle tissue with very little pressure and fast movements. A deep tissue massage differs in that it’s a lot more rigorous.

Typically, you will experience far greater pressure and much slower movements. The idea is to get deep into the muscles and really help break up all the tense tissue that’s causing pain, inflammation, or movement problems. Your therapist will use different tools and equipment to help break through the tissue layers and really unearth trigger points or tender spots. They’re also likely to apply pressure through their knuckles, elbows, or forearms as well.

This type of massage is mainly used to treat patients suffering from chronic pain in specific areas of the body. More often than not, it’s used if more traditional massage techniques haven’t helped beforehand.

Is a deep tissue massage right for me?

A lot of people will benefit from one of these massages, particularly if you’ve recently suffered an injury of sorts. People with tennis elbow will regularly get deep tissue massages to relieve chronic tightness that’s causing their pain. The same goes for athletes or individuals with muscle strains – a deep tissue massage helps breakdown and repair the damaged muscle tissue and fascia. So, if you have an injury that’s causing a lot of pain, this is a great technique to consider.

Along with this, sufferers of chronic pain will definitely be referred to massage therapists for one of these massages. Low and upper back pain is extremely common, and they usually cause loads of tight muscle structures which restrict blood flow and create inflammation. This is what causes the constant feeling of pain or tension in your back, which will be relieved by a deep massage.

It’s not just great for back pain too, people with chronic neck stiffness, hip problems, knee pain, and osteoarthritis will all be well-suited to a deep tissue massage. What we will say is that you need to have a fairly high pain threshold. This type of massage does involve a lot of pressure on tender spots, but that’s how you get rid of tension and repair the muscle tissue. As a result, it can feel quite sore, so bear that in mind.

What are the benefits of a deep tissue massage?

There are plenty of potential benefits that come after deep tissue massage treatment. The most obvious of which is that you will relieve yourself of a lot of pain. It’s also shown to help improve your mobility by getting rid of chronic tightness in the muscles surrounding your joints.

Furthermore, deep tissue massages are commonly used to help correct postural problems as well. Again, this works by relieving the tension in tight muscles and getting them to loosen and lengthen. When combined with stretching and strengthening, it’s proven to correct bad posture and get rid of chronic pain.

It’s also a central part of the injury rehabilitation process, with many experts stating that deep tissue massages will help speed up injury recovery and get rid of pain caused by sports injuries.

Lastly, it’s found that this type of massage can lower inflammation in the body. As a result, this helps with problems like high-stress levels and high blood pressure.

What can I expect from my treatment?

When you book a deep tissue massage with one of our experts, you will be taken into a private massage room where a consultation shall begin. The therapist will ask about your pain, and you can explain the issues you’re having and where it hurts the most.

From here, the massage begins by rubbing oil on the area and increasing blood flow through the use of scraping or light rubbing. This basically preps the area for a deep tissue massage as it’s not wise to begin on ‘cold’ muscles.

Then, the therapist begins applying more pressure and might use tools to help get into some of the problem areas. They work the muscles, and you may experience some soreness in the 24 hours after, but this will go away.

Book a deep tissue massage today

If you want to rid yourself of chronic pain and finally live life to the fullest, then book a deep tissue massage today. Everything is handled by certified and experienced professionals, and they will make the experience as comfortable as possible. Book online now, and take the first step towards a pain-free life.

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